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With our 40-cm hand-crafted candles, The Oscar Collection encapsulates the art & essence of some of the world’s most renowned artists and brings it to you through a unique, elegant and innovative medium.

Discover the ultimate combination between art and interior design !

Samantha Teper is a well-known gallerist at Marché Biron, a leading art auction house in Paris. Passionate about art and design from a young age, Samantha wanted more. After a long reflection on how to allow masterpieces to take place in an interior, she wanted to offer collectors a version of their favorite masterpieces in a medium that no one had thought of. Talitha Landeau was born surrounded by art. Her family being influential in the field, The Oscar Collection was an obvious choice. Having the same avant-garde vision of taking art to another level by bringing it to life by adding meaning. Samantha and Talitha worked for several years with foundations and other workshops to find the best way to bring their project to life.

Their duo is their strength. Samantha being the "artist" and Talitha the "business woman". The combination of their skills forms a perfect osmosis that has allowed The Oscar Collection to come to life. Samantha conceptualizes models with masterpieces of artists that The Oscar Collection wants to represent and Talitha works with the foundations and is in charge of all the marketing aspect. The brand will soon expand its collection by working with new artists.

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